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Helix-Qt Resources:


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Helix-Qt Resources:

Some of these links may require you to create an account on, log in, or click the Agree button on the Binary EULA

  1. kdemm cvs and backends (make_it_cool branch), mailing-list
  2. Justin Karneges' helix-qt work and widget cvs
  3. Ryan's helix qt widget cvs mailing-list notes on building
  4. OPIE's VideoWidget cvs
  5. KDE Multimedia
  6. Scott Wheeler's notes on the aKademy multimedia meetings
  7. Motorola's E680 phone
  8. Paul Cifarelli's helix support in amaroK

Interested in Qt & Helix? Join the mailing-list, and help figure out how helix will work with qt, both on the desktop with kde, and on embedded devices.

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