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Helix Player vs RealPlayer 10 - Which is right for me?


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Helix Player vs RealPlayer 10 - Which is right for me?

What is Helix Player?

Ans: The Helix Player 1.0 is the completely dual licensed, both open source (RPSL) and commercial community source (RCSL), media player and thus contain no non-open source components. It plays open source formats, like Ogg Vorbis and Theora.

What is RealPlayer 10 for Linux?

Ans: The RealPlayer 10 for Linux builds on top of the Helix Player and will include RealAudio, RealVideo, MP3, Flash, MPEG-4(fee-based) and other non-open source components.

Where can I get these players?

Ans: Both the players are freely available for download on this site. Please see the Downloads page for more detail.

Why is this differentiation important?

Ans: This differentiation allows the Helix Player to function as a fully open source project under the terms of the OSI-approved RPSL. The licensing of this player is designed to give the open source community the freedom to modify, experiment, and redistribute Helix Player technology without worrying about the commercial complexities surrounding the RCSL and Binary End User License Agreements (BEULA) licenses.

The RealPlayer focuses on creating a stable, solid media player for end users by adopting mature features from the HelixPlayer that add to a great media playback experience on Linux.

Who would want to use the Helix Player?

Ans: HelixPlayer 1.0 is important for projects that wish to integrate Helix Player technology into a distribution or development platform, and cannot use the RealPlayer. It is also valuable to end users who wish to restrict their player to pure open source technologies.

Who would want to use the RealPlayer10?

Ans: RealPlayer10 is important for end users who would like to playback a maximum number of media formats (including mp3, Real Audio, Real Video etc). It brings the best, stable and useful features from the Helix Player, and incorporates commercial RealNetworks and other non open source technology.

Q. What media types and protocols does Helix Player support?

Theora (Alpha 3 encoded content)
Basic SMIL 2.0
RAM and RPM playlist formats
RTSP streaming with RTP
HTTP streaming

Q. What media types does RealPlayer support?

All media types supported by the Helix Player plus:
RealAudio, RealVideo
mp4 audio (AAC unprotected only)
Flash 4

Where can I go to learn more about these licenses?

Ans: All the source code for the Helix Player is available under a dual license. You may choose the open source RPSL, or the commercially-oriented RCSL, which will give you access to the player source code.
The proprietary components that are added within the RealPlayer are provided under the clickwrap Binary EULA. Binary distributions of the RealPlayer are also covered under the Binary EULA, and cannot be redistributed without permission.
More information is available here:

Are there any dates announced for the availability of these players?

Ans: Please check the schedule pages on this site for a detailed schedule. The final GOLD versions of the players are now available.

How is this project related to RealNetworks?

Ans: The Helix Player is part of the Helix Community project, where the open source community collaborates in building the best next-generation suite of multimedia applications. Helix is a platform and a community for the standardization and expansion of digital media. The Helix platform, Helix DNA, which the Helix Player is built on, consists of source code for creation, delivery and playback of digital media developed by RealNetworks over the past ten years, as well as a set of interfaces for building media-enabled applications.

Where can I find more information?

Ans: Please check the General FAQ.

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